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Congratulation Kim. As the manager of a TCC that benefits from the work that you do for the SVMIP, I have always appreciated and admired your commitment; this reinforces it. Thank you for all the help that you provide
Sultan Virani
Manager TCC Marine Nanaimo


Beyond the call of duty, what a great attitude and example for us all.

Michael Dua
Manager, Inspection Services / Gestionnaire Division Inspection,
Transport Canada, Marine, Ontario Region (PMB)


Kim, congratulation. Your work and support is truly appreciated.

Take care and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Julie Gascon


Subject: Congratulations

Kimberley. From the emails I’ve read so far, you seem to have a lot of support out there for your achievement, and by obtaining the SVOP. Well done! This also signals the continuous learning environment we encourage within Transport Canada.
Your good work is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
JVB Lawson Regional Director Pacific Region


Kimberley……Comments from within!!

I shared the office with Kimberley Mikoula for two years at Transport Canada.  During this time I was impressed with her dedication to her position and the clients who came to her for help and information.  If I ever had a question with regards to pleasure crafts or the regulations surrounding Transport Canada programs with regards to pleasure crafts, one contact with Kimberley and my questions were answered.

I never heard of any client complaints nor did I hear of any complaints from Transport Canada on her ability to perform her duties in a timely manner with , expert information  and  complete organization.  Kimberley will do well on her own in any business and in my opinion Transport Canada’s loss is industries gain.

Take care

Bud A. Stirman

Transport Dangerous Goods Inspector

Transport Canada, Kelowna BC


April 10, 2011

Attention Gavin Brown,

I have heard rumors that the TC Kelowna office and Kimberley’s job maybe cut as a result of TC upcoming budget cuts. I am sure there can be cuts make somewhere else, considering that small commercial vessel fleet under 15 gross tons make up over 95% of the commercial fleet nationally and a good majority of those vessel are yet to be compliant to the small commercial vessel regulations. I would estimate these numbers in Pacific Region alone to be in the tens of thousands and in the hundreds of thousands nationally.

It is no secret that with in Transport Canada there are very few managers and support staff stuff that have close to the knowledge that you and Kimberley have about small commercial vessels, the various types, applications and areas of operation of these vessels in Pacific Region.

Many vessel and fleet owners including myself have tried to get our vessels approved and our Blue Decals through other TC offices. We encounter the majority of staff in the other TC offices cannot answer our questions, we are given out false information and our applications can sit on a desk for months before any anyone has time to process it.

The other big problem is with Ships Registry in Ottawa rejecting as many as 75% of applications for small commercial vessel registry and license #. It often takes 2 months or longer to get a registration and # processed then only to find after 2 months that a photo was not right or the application was missing a small detail of information and that it has been rejected. Knowing this was a problem your Kelowna TC office asked that when sending your SVMIP application in to include the registration application. Kim reviews these registration applications. If they are not complete or detail has been filled in wrong she will contact the person who is applying and get the information corrected or missing prior to sending to Ships Registration. This makes for a lot less work at the registration office and maybe that’s were some cuts can be made.

I have been assisting vessel owners from all over BC in bringing their vessels up meet the level of compliance, stability testing and documentation and helping them with their application forms for several years now. I am doing this regularly and have been involved one way or another in hundreds of vessels being brought into compliance before with the Yellow decal and now with the Self inspection blue decal. I hear the frustration of the applicants that have tried to deal with TC offices other than Kelowna. How their applications sat for months before they were processed or waiting a couple of months then being told to send them to Kimberley at the Kelowna office as they were too busy. I know she processes more SVMIP applications that anyone else in TC. She does it efficiently and has the respect of here client for the professional manor she does this in.

Eliminating the Kelowna office or Kimberley would be a huge setback for small Commercial Vessel owners applying for their blue decal. It would also send industry the message that TC does not have any interest in the Blue Decal Program being successful.

Kindest Regards

Steve Daigle

Daigle Welding & Marine LTD

Eaglecraft Boats

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