“I want to introduce Ms. Kim Kehler, Marine Safety Specialist and owner of Marine Safety Consulting.  Kimberley Kehler with tubing boat

Kim was formerly with Transport Canada Marine Safety based in their “now-closed” Kelowna office. She is very well positioned in the Small Commercial Vessel sector and a very valuable resource to all those that own and/or operate these Commercial vessels. I highly recommend Kim’s services.”
Capt. Jimmy Watt
Director, Chief Instructor of West Coast Powerboat Handling


“I had the pleasure of working with Kim earlier this year (2012).  The knowledge and suggestions she shared were very helpful, and enabled us to access pertinent information, navigate and translate regulations and thereby generate practical tools that are of value to the forestry-marine industry.”
Rick Walters,
RPF Director, Transportation Safety BC Forest Safety Council
Prince George, BC


“I have known Kimberley Kehler since 2010, first as an employee of Transport Canada and then operating her own marine consulting business.  In this time, she has impressed me with the depth of her knowledge of the Regulations of the Canada Shipping Act and especially the Small Vessel Regulations and the Small Vessel Compliance Program.  Any time I have had a question, she has been prompt and professional with her reply.  Any feedback I have heard from mutual clients has been very positive.  If you need assistance with your non-pleasure vessel, I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Kimberley to act as your marine consultant.”
D. Bruce Stott
President & Chief Instructor of Gulf Islands Cruising School Ltd.


Nesika Insurance Services Inc.

“We have worked with Marine Safety Consulting for the last few years and have found their help invaluable in helping us to understand the Blue Decal Program. We have had lots of positive feedback from our clients regarding their approach and helpfulness in answering their questions during the course of their surveys and always being very thorough in ensuring they understand the survey process and documentation requirements.”

Tom Amirault,

President, Nesika Insurance Services Inc.


“Running a year round retreat centre on beautiful Okanagan lake as well as all-inclusive family vacations during the summer, has made Kim’s extensive knowledge of the marine industry indispensable to us. Kim was instrumental in rewriting our Policy and Procedure Manual, took us step by step through the Blue Decal Program, and is vital to our yearly commercial boat inspections. I’ve also had the privilege of working with Kim in her very successful first annual Marine Edge Seminar and have attended most of Kim’s seminars. With years of education, unparalleled knowledge and passion, it’s no wonder that Kim is considered “the expert “ by all her clients and peers.”

Harold Menzel
Executive Director
Green Bay Bible Camp


“I met Kimberley about 2 years ago now and from our first introduction I was warmed by her Heike Mackriss Manager Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies Grouppersonal style which makes it easy to communicate and feel comfortable in any business or personal dealings.

Since then she has provided our mutual clients with professional friendly service in completing marine surveys.  I have had lots of positive feedback from my clients and will continue to refer her.

I have also attended a couple of seminars , Marine Edge here in Kelowna and an informative discussion at our local Insurance Society meeting – She is both knowledgeable and as above, personable.  I look forward to continuing to work together with Kimberley.”

Heike Mackriss
Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies Group


“To our pleasure, Kimberley volunteered to give a presentation on sailboat with spinnaker - Marine Safety Consultingboating safety to the Lake Okanagan Insurance Society. Her dynamic presentation had relevant information to both the insurance industry as well as the everyday boater. From the skill testing quizzes with prizes, to the interactive presentation itself, her natural ability to communicate and educate left us asking her to come back for another seminar!”

Lake Okanagan Insurance Society          


Robert J. Morton CIP

Forsons Adjusting Services



“Okanagan Boat Lifts would like to pass on a special thanks to Kimberley & Marine Safety Consulting service for helping us get our equipment to meet all that is required by Transport Canada. Kimberley’s knowledge with the safety requirements, Government procedures, paperwork processing allowed me to step back and focus on other duties. For anyone that is looking for information or assistance in the marine industry, I highly recommend Kimberley and her Marine Safety Consulting service.”
Sincerely: Tom White
Okanagan Boat Lifts Ltd


“Kim was excellent to work with!  She helped us navigate the complicated process of commercially certifying our boats.  She knew the requirements and how to apply them in the real world.  I won’t try this process on my own again; I have already called Kim about our next boat!”
Shawn Pauls
Willow Park Church Kelowna, BC


“I did not anticipate all the red tape, courses, Transport Canada application, safety, medical forms and documents that were necessary. Your program hit on all cylinders. It should be no surprise to you that I am writing to acknowledge and thank you for not only exceeding my expectations, but exceeding them to a degree and in ways I could not have anticipated. Your knowledge and skills to put through the paperwork and get all the proper and appropriate approvals and been invaluable.Thanks for the high quality service you provided.”
Darrell Michaels


“Dear Sir,

As discussed in our telephone conversation about 2 weeks ago I would like to commend your office for the work you perform on our behalf.

I have recently completed the Small Vessel Self-Inspection Program. During the process it was a pleasure to have your office available to assist.

In particular, Kim Mikoula was invaluable in my efforts to understand and fulfill my obligations under the program. She was always available to answer questions and explain things. Her clear understanding of the process and patience were greatly enhanced by the pleasant manner in which she conducted her duties. It was a joy and relief to know that she was there when needed.

Further, I am compelled to add that in conversations I have had with numerous other fishing charter operators her name has been mentioned and praised profusely. I’ve heard her described as a “godsend” and “the only good thing I’ve come across in government”.

It should be noted that her knowledge and assistance was appreciated by many.

I cannot imagine the problems your office must have had with instituting a new program such as this, but I (and several others that I know) am very glad that you had Kim there to help us.

Thank you again for a job well done.”

Mark Lawrence

Venture West Sportfishing


Subject: Kim Mikoula


A quick note to all.

A staff take time off for their own reasons and do not have to tell us why. Kim was no exception. She had asked for time off  Monday through Thursday this week and was granted the same.

To my surprise, I found out that she used this time to gain her Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Certificate (SVOP) and the Marine Emergency Duties level A3 for use as Master on small commercial vessels up to 15 gross tons.

Of course, I found out the course provider and made inquiries as to her score.  I am pleased to report she ace’d the examination with a mark of 100%.

I spoke with her tonight and asked why she had done this.  Her reply was that she wanted the industry, to whom she speaks with every day, to understand that she too had qualified to what we require many of them to do and that by doing this she would have a greater understanding of their operational issues.  Also she hopes that by doing this, her level of credibility with them will be enhanced.

This she has done on her own time and her own dime and as such I hope that you will join me in congratulating her on her success and for her innovative approach to further her service to small vessel industry.”

Best Regards to all, Gavin Brown

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“Her, (Kim Kehler), expertise in particular is 3 years working for TC in Kelowna with Gavin Brown who is “Mr. Blue Decal”.  Together they ran the entire Blue Decal program from the Kelowna office.  Now that B/D has gone national, TC has closed that part of the Kelowna office.  Contact her, I know she can give you lots of good advice and assistance. cheers,”

Barb Howe
Quinte Marine



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