Marine Surveys

There are several types of Marine Surveys including those for pre-purchase, insurance, or in order to obtain financing. All of these surveys go over the basics of the vessel in detail but their presentation of findings will vary depending on the particular purpose the survey is being performed to fulfill.

Condition & Valuation Marine Surveys
are a detailed inspection of your vessel which is Marine surveyors, Okanagan marine surveyors, Marine surveyperformed by a qualified third party in order to provide information on the vessel and its current condition and seaworthiness. These reports take into consideration the vessel type, any repairs, refits, or modifications, and the maintenance of the vessel. They also provide guidelines (‘recommendations’) to improve the safety and condition of the vessel and which give interested parties guidance on where improvements can or must be made. Marine Surveys also include a current ‘Market’ value of the vessel which is determined according to published sources and the comparable condition of the vessel at the time of the survey.

Preparing for your Marine Survey is essential to ensure the process is as smooth as 10 gt barge, Kelowna boat Surveyor, Marine surveyspossible.

All documentation, such as registration, maintenance logs, or receipts for repairs or maintenance, should be easily available. The vessel should also be open and in a clean and presentable condition to assist in surveyor sighting of vessel details. Surveyors will not dismantle any part of the vessel, but will request that the owner or a representative be present and ready to assist with any hard to reach areas which may need to be accessed during the surveying process.


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