Kimberley Kehler, A passionate Marine Safety Consultant

Profile by Mark Thompson
Kimberley Kehler, A passionate Marine Safety Consultant

Marine Safety Consulting – Keeping You Safe on the Water

Kimberley Kehler is a prairie girl that moved to Kelowna in 1990. Her previous employment with Transport Canada Marine provided an in-depth and solid understanding and application the application of the Canadian Marine Regulations. It also provided her with first hand government inspection experience. Her ability to apply the regulations to everyday life is an invaluable resource for the marine community. What once started as a career step has since turned into her passion, Marine Safety Consulting.

Kimberley was attending Okanagan College, when one day she was approached to apply for a position at Transport Canada. Next thing she knew, she was jumping through hoops and landed the job! She worked as an assistant to Senior Marine Inspector Gavin Brown. Gavin soon discovered that she was a perfect match, as she knew nothing about boats or the marine industry. Exactly what he needed! Someone who could irritatingly ask, “What does that mean? What is that? Where is that on the boat?” Kimberley was the person he was looking for. Thus began the project to convert the regulations into everyday language. The Blue Decal Program. A Check List of required regulations for small vessel compliance. It came with a Guide, written in simple language, to explain what each regulation was really saying to the common operator. Kimberley became the “go to person” and “real voice” behind the program. After a year and a half of industry consultation and voluntarily participating in the program, Transport Canada recognized this huge success and endorsed the program nationally- – over night! With a few changes here and there, Transport Canada presented The Small Vessel Compliance Program, in June 2011. Soon after that, due to Government cut backs, the Kelowna Transport Canada Marine office closed resulting in the timely birth of Marine Safety Consulting – Keeping You Safe on the Water.

Educating boat operators and commercial counter parts is not only her passion, but it’s her second nature! It’s hard to plan for safety in the middle of work or play. The boating lifestyle demands the essential plan and maintenance for safety. It can be too late in the water world. Every year hundreds of people leave us too soon, for lack of water safety being a choice. A plan is implemented, maintained and covers your legal obligation while you work, relax or play.

Kimberley has been a member of KYC for the last 2 yrs. She is also a volunteer on the Bridge of the Kelowna Power Squadron as the Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check Coordinator. Being involved in the community started with Transport Canada and has continued to support Marine Safety Consulting’s integrity and local awareness. Kimberley has a zeal for corporate consultation on policy and procedures to ensure sufficient insurance coverage and compliance of the regulations are met. She also works with Rayburn’s Marine, who encourages safety on the water by providing safe boating seminars to their customers. Marine Surveys are also an integral part of boating safety which is another service Marine Safety Consulting provides.

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